Economics and Management: Scientific and Practical Journal

    The target audience of the publication "Economics and Management: a scientific and practical journal" are teachers of higher educational institutions, researchers, postgraduates, applicants for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences, as well as employees of analytical departments of state authorities and local self-government.
    The journal publishes scientific articles, reviews, reviews, materials of conferences and round tables.

    The magazine has been published since 1994 with a frequency of 6 issues per year. It is distributed on the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (including CIS countries).
    ISSN of the publication: 2072-8697.

    The editor–in-chief of the magazine is Latypov Rustem Faridovich.

    The journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degrees of Doctor of Sciences, Candidate of Sciences in groups of scientific specialties should be published:

    08.00.01 (until 16.10.2022), 5.2.1 – Economic theory (economic sciences);
    08.00.05 (until 16.10.2022) – Economics and management of the national economy (by branches and spheres of activity) (economic sciences);
    23.00.02 (until 16.10.2022), 5.5.2 – Political institutions, processes and technologies (political sciences).

    Our categories:

    Actual problems of economy and society
    Management and Marketing
    Regional economy
    The economy of the enterprise
    Socio-political processes
    The State: power and society
    Investment and innovation
    Economic policy: strategy and tactics
    One of the co-founders of the journal (Ufa State Petroleum Technical University) is a member of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI), as well as the International Publishers Association - Publishers International Linking Association (PILA).     

    Scientific articles are assigned a digital identifier DOI of the international system of bibliographic references DataCite.

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