Procedure of reviewing the materials that are presented to the journal
“Economics and Management: Research and Practice Journal” 


1. All scientific articles presented to the journal’s editorial board must be peer-reviewed. Having checked relevance of the article’s contents to the journal’s profile and submission procedure for scientific publications, it is directed to its review.

2. Within a week after the editorial office receives the article that does not correspond to the journal's profile and basic requirements for publication, it is returned to the author with the reasons stated.

3. An article corresponding to the profile of the journal and the basic requirements for scientific publications is sent for review to an independent expert with a degree in the field in which the article was made within 7 days after receipt by the editorial board. The maximum review period is a week.

4. When reviewing the manuscript received by the editorial board, the external reviewers and editor rely on the following criteria: a) the relevance of topics covered in the article from the point of view of solving scientific problems related to the issues and the profile of the journal; b) theoretical originality, the development of new academic material and analytical approach; c) the theoretical justification for the chosen topic; d) the validity of data; f) the presence of solid, date supported conclusions.

5. A copy of the review (or reasoned refusal) is sent back to the article’s authors with an offer for polishing the article according to the expert’s notes or providing arguments for their refusal. Time for polishing the article is 2 weeks.

6. The articles the authors of which do not mind the expert’s notes are not accepted for publication. If the author does not agree with the expert’s notes, he may provide a reasoned appeal which is considered by the editorial board and in controversial issues the article may be reviewed for the second time.

7. The editorial board sends the reviews’ copies to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation if it is required.

8. Reviews of the articles published in the issue “Economics and Management: Research and Practice Journal” are retained in the archives within 3 years.