Rules for Authors

Submission procedure in the journal “Economics and Management: Research and Practice Journal”

1. The article submitted to the editorial board must be designed in accordance with these rules and correspond to the profile of the journal. The Information about the authors includes: last name, first name and patronymic, academic degree and academic title (if any), place of work and position, city and country, and email address.

2. An article with a volume of 7 pages (Times New Roman Cyr font, size 14, spacing-1.5, paragraph indent – 1 cm, margins-2 cm on all sides), typed in Word, is sent to the address of the editorial office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The pages should be numbered. Tables and graphic images (figures, diagrams) should be in black and white. Formulas, figures and tables should be available for adjusting (if necessary).

3. The Title of the article should contain no more than 10 words.

4. The Abstract contains up to 100 words, but no more than 12 lines. It includes the relevance of the research topic, the problem statement, the goals and methods of the research, the results and key conclusions.

5. Keywords are 5-10 words or stable phrases that will be used to search for the article in the future. They reflect the specifics of the topic, the object and the results of the study.
The title, abstract, and keywords are presented in Russian and English.

6. Highlights contain 3-5 points that briefly reflect the key results of the study.

7. The text of the article should contain the following sections:

Introduction. Includes: relevance of the research topic, review of the literature on the topic, problem statement, formulation of the purpose and objectives of the study;
Materials and Methods. The methods and scheme of experiments/observations are described in detail in order to allow other scientists to reproduce the results using only the text of the article;
Results. The actual results of the study are shown (text, tables, graphs, diagrams, equations, photos, drawings);
Discussion contains the interpretation of the results of the study (the correspondence of the results to the hypothesis of the study; limitations of the study and generalization of its results; proposals for practical application; proposals for the direction of future research)
Conclusion contains a summary of the sections of the article without repeating the wording given in them.

8. Acknowledgements. In them, the author expresses gratitude to colleagues for their help and (or) gratitude for the financial support of the research. They are placed at the end of the article before the list of references (literature).

9. The list of references includes only the sources used in the preparation of the article, marked in the" body " of the article. It is made out at the end of the article in alphabetical order (first Russian, then foreign). Sources are numbered, and references to them are given in the text of the article in square brackets. When you include an electronic resource in the list, you must specify its name. In the list of references, the share of the author's works should not exceed 30 %.

10. The originality of the submitted material (including the list of references) must be at least 80 %.

11. The article is accompanied by a small review from the university, scientific institution (signed and stamped).

12. Individual articles of undergraduate and graduate students are not published.

Articles of postgraduates without a supervisor are published free of charge (if there is a certificate from the university/scientific organization about postgraduate studies).

See also: Rules and Sample.