Latest Issue (№ 1/2024)

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Economic Policy

D. GAINANOV, L. MIGRANOVA. The Labor Market in the Context of the Structural Transformation of the Economy

Yu. VASILYEVA, K. SHCHERBAKOV. Foreign Trade in Goods in Russia at a Time of Increasing Geopolitical Pressure

I. GUBANOVA. Fundamental Indicators of the Global Economy in a Negative Mood

I. DEGTYAREVA, G. FATKULLINA. The Contribution of Innovation to the Emergence of a Circular Economy

A. POLIVALOV. Lessons from High Inflation of the 1970s. Is It Possible to Repeat?

A. ABDULLIN. Features and Prospects of Development of the Russian Socio-Economic System in the Context of Modern Challenges

A. FARKHUTDINOVA. Efficiency of the Housing and Communal Services Sector and Tools for Increasing It

Z. SHARIFYANOVA, A. UKHATKINA, B. VINNIK. Assessment of the Impact of Inflation on the Russian Economy

Regional Economy

A. AKHMADEEV. Development of "Green Technologies" and Innovations in the Region as a Driver of ESG Transformation (on the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

R. GATAULLIN, K. KLEKOVKINA. Determining the Quality of the Higher Education System in the Region

M. GALIMOVA. Transformation of Innovation Infrastructure to Ensure Technological Sovereignty: Mechanisms and Methods (on the Example of the Republic of Bashkortostan)

A. MUKHAMETOVA. Regional Economic Development based on the Effective Use of the Region’s Labor Resources

A. LOKHMACHEV. Trends in the Business Environment of Recent Years: the Experience of the Omsk Region

I. GALIMZYANOV. Supporting Tourism Business through Public-Private Partnership of the Republic of Bashkortostan

T. MARUSHCHAK. Development of Railroad Tourism as a Direction to Increase Profitability of Suburban Passenger Transportation

Management. The Economy of the Enterprise

L. AMIRKHANOVA, N. PROKOPENKO. On One Approach to Increasing the Logistics Potential of the Supply Chains of a Machine-building Enterprise

M. KRUPINA, L. FATKHULLINA. Evaluation of the Efficiency of the Energy Enterprise Management System

S. VISCONTENE, V. KOZLOV, A. KASHIROV, L. KHOLODENKO. Measures to Increase the Profitability of a Gas Production Enterprise when Selling Electricity and Heat Energy

G. MUKHAMETSHINA, E. KHAMITOVA. HR Strategies for the Development of the Organization's Personnel

E. KHALIKOVA, A. YANTUDIN. Operational Controlling Tools in the Project Management System in Vertically Integrated Oil and Gas Companies

P. REZNICHENKO. Enterprise Management in the Structure of the BPM System

I. MAKAROV, V. PRUDNIKOV. Actual Problems of Assessment of License Risks in Field Development

Z. SHAIKHUTDINOVA, G. KHABIROV. Diagnosis of the Risk of Bankruptcy of an Organization

Political and Social Processes

L. IZILYAEVA, Y. VASILIEV, K. MIROKIYANTS, A. YASAVIEVA. The Possibilities and Risks of Using Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Political Relations of the Russian Federation

P. ALESHCHENKO. The Specifics of Russia's Use of Soft Power in Kazakhstan: Economic Aspects

L. MUSINA. Digital Transformation in Education: Impact on the Educational Environment

M. NIZAMUTDINOV, Z. DAVLETOVA. Conceptual Model for Predicting the Impact of Population Life Quality on Migration and Demographic Processes

Ya. SCRYABINA, R. KOMLEVA. Disability of the Child Population of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the Context of Social Policy of the State

M. BOCHENINA, G. KALASHNIKOV, M. SHCHERBAKOVA. Analysis of Migration Processes in the Siberian Federal District

I. ZHITNIKOV, A. CHIZHUN, A. MKRTICHYAN, A. SAPAROVA. Statistical Analysis of Trends in the Dynamics and Factors of Migration Processes in Russia in 2015–2019