Latest Issue (№ 3/2024)

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Regional Economy

R. AKHUNOV. Economic Development of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Results, Tendencies and Challenges (end)
G. GALIEVA, E. DICK, Yu. PUTYATINSKAYA. Investment Attractiveness of the Republic of Bashkortostan based on the Assessment of Macroeconomic Indicators
R. GATAULLIN, S. ASLAYEVA. Intraregional Differences in Socio-economic Development and the Organization of Local Self-government
Z. BIKMETOVA, T. DAUTOVA. Diagnostics of the Economic Security of the Region
S. KIRILLOVA, D. ORLOVA. Creative Clusters as a New Resource for Innovative Development of the Region
I. GALIMZYANOV. Dental tourism as a promising area of public-private partnership of the Republic of Bashkortostan


M. GALIMOVA, T. GALIMOV. Selecting Trajectories for Digital Transformation of an Industrial Enterprise based on Assessing Digital Maturity: Methodological Approaches
L. KUNAKBAYEVA. Industrial Cooperation within the EAEU in the Context of Modern Challenges
R. KHASAN, E. MURZINA, M. RIZVANOVA. Artificial Intelligence Technologies as Booster for Small Business Development
M. GAYFULLINA, G. NIZAMOVA. Socio-Demographic Portrait of the Personnel of Russian Oil and Gas Companies
K. KHALEEV. Implementation of ESG Strategies in Domestic and Foreign Business Ecosystems
T. KAVSAROV. Features of Commodity Business Management (using the Example of Russian Marketplaces)
E. TERELETSKOVA, V. KHANNANOVA. Opportunities and Prospects for Career Development of a Municipal Employee


A. BATTALOVA, N. EFIMOVA. Ways to Increase Solvency and Reduce the Risk of Bankruptcy of an Enterprise
D. MUSINA, M. GANIEVA, S. GULINA. Analysis of the Interim Results of the Tax Maneuver in Oil Production
A. KHASANSHINA. The Impact of Economic Shocks on Household Savings Behaviour
O. GAVRILINA, A. VOLKOV, N. SEMUSHKIN, M. ALJABARI. Pricing: How Marketing Agencies are Changing Their Approach
E. ALFEROVA, R. GALIMOV. Organization and management of procurement in the Republic of Bashkortostan and Directions for Their Improvement
I. BURVINA. Salam and Istisna are Two Similar Methods of the Islamic Financing Model
A. LAVRIK. Analyze the Experience of Best Practices in the Region in the Field of Efficient Use of Financial Resources in Healthcare
Sh. AMIROV. Basic Approaches to Considering the Issue of Maintaining Trust in Economic Institutions

Political and Social Processes

R. LATYPOV. SMO as the Fifth Russian Revolution: a Chance for Russia and the Global South
M. BRATKOVSKY, E. FOMENKO. Terror as a Factor of Socially Inadequate Governance in Society
K. VOSTRIKOV, V. ILIN. The Development of the Concept of the «Community of the Common Destiny of Mankind» in the CCP's Software Installations Following the Results of the Twentieth Congress
A. URAZOVA, A. GARIFULLINA, Y. ILIKEEVA. The Russian State in the Context of Digital Transformation
N. ROMANOVA. Ratings in the Healthcare System: Levels and Indicators
Mun. BEISHENALIEVA, Mer. BEISHENALIEVA, T. KAMCHYBEKOV. Development of Film Production in Kyrgyzstan: an Analysis of Economic Strategies and Global Opportunities
V. BARAKHNINA, R. GABDULKHAKOVA. History and Traditions of Student Science at Ufa State Petroleum Technological University